Biography of Karl Marx


Marx, Karl. German socialist. Born in 1818 in Treves, where his father was a lawyer. Educated at Bonn and Berlin. took an active part in the Liberal movement of 1840 and, after the suppression of the "Rhenish Gazette" (edited by him), he went to Paris, but had to leave it for Brussels on the demand of the Prussian Government. Having been expelled from Belgium, he was invited to Paris, but soon went to Cologne, where he attempted to revive the "Rhenish Gazette." He settled in London, where he was engaged in literary work, and took and active part in the International Working Men's Association. After the secession of the Anarchist section in 1872, he took little further part in affairs, and died at Hampstead 11 years later (1883). His chief work was "Das Kapital."