Biography of John Churchill Marlborough


Marlborough, John Churchill. First duke of Marlborough. Born in 1650. Soldier and diplomatist. Obtained a commission, through the influence of his sister, with the Duke of York, and first served under Turenne. Deserted James II at the Revolution. Though created earl and commander-in-chief by William III, intrigued with his former master, after a period of disgrace, Marlborough went to The Hague to organize the Grand Alliance. Was appointed captain-general and duke under Anne. Marlborough won the victories of Blenheim (1704), Ramillies (1706), Oudenarde (1708), and Malplaquet (1709), but was recalled in 1711, and dismissed on a charge of peculation. Marlborough was restored by George I in 1714, but never fully trusted. Died 1722.