Biography of George Monk


Monk, George, Duke of Albermarle. An English general. Born in County Devon in 1608. After a brief service in Holland, fought at first on the side of Charles I during the civil war; then, changing his coat, he commanded a republican army in Ireland, 1646-50, and in 1651 reduced Scotland into submission to Cromwell. In 1653, he commanded in the sea-fight in which the Dutch were defeated, and their admiral, Van Tromp, killed. After the death of the Protector (1658), Monk proclaimed Richard Cromwell his father's successor, and himself retained command of the army in Scotland. With that army he, in 1660, marched upon London, and declared for the restoration of Charles II, which consummation he succeeded in bringing about. His last great victory at sea was over the Dutch in 1666. Monk died in 1670.