Biography of Count von Helmuth Karl Bernhard Moltke


Moltke (molt'ka), Helmuth Karl Bernhard, Count von. Chief marshal of the German empire. Was born in Parchim, Mecklenburg, 1800. He entered the Prussian service in 1822 as a lieutenant in the eighth infantry regiment. In 1835, he undertook a tour of Turkey, remained there several years, and took part in the campaign of the Turks in Syria, against the viceroy of Egypt. He became lieutenant-general in 1859, and sketched the plans of the campaigns against Denmark (1864), and Austria (1866). He was the commander-in-chief in the Franco-German War, 1870-71, and to his brilliant strategy are ascribed the victories of the German arms. The illustrious marshal, who is generally regarded as the first strategist of the day, was created a count in 1870, and chief marshal of the German Empire in 1871. Died 1891.