Biography of Jerome, or Hieronymus, St.


St. Jerome, or St. Hieronymus. Born about 343, in Stridon, in Dalmatia, of Christian parents. Studied at Rome under Donatus. After traveling in Gaul and elsewhere, adopted a studious and ascetic life, spending four years in the desert of Chalcis, in Syria. Was ordained priest in 379. Visited Constantinople, where he became the friend and pupil of Gregory Nazianzus. Returning to Rome, he became secretary to Pope Damascus, but after his death (384) withdrew to the Holy Land, accompanied by Paula, Eustochium, and other Roman women devoted to the ascetic life. For the remainder of his days, he presided over a monastery established by Paula at Bethlehem. Here he completed his translation of the Bible from Hebrew into Latin, known as the Vulgate. He wrote numerous commentaries on the Old and New Testaments, and was engaged in controversies with Rufinus, the Pelagians, and others. Died in 420.