Biography of Jerome Klapka Jerome


Jerome, Jerome Klapka. English humorist, writer, and lecturer. Born at Walsall, England, 1859. He had been at various times clerk, schoolmaster, actor, and journalist. Editor of "Idler," with Robert Barr (1892-97), and of "To-Day," (1893-97). Author: "On the Stage and Off," "Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow," "Three Men in a Boat," "Diary of a Pilgrimage," "Novel Notes," "John Ingerfield," "Barbara," "Fennel," "Sunset," "New Lamps for Old," "Ruth," "Wood Barrow Farm," "Prude's Progress," "Rise of Dick Halward," "Sketches in Lavender," "Letters to Clorinda," "The Second Thoughts of an Idle Fellow," "Three Men on the Bummel," "Miss Hobbs," "Paul Kelver," "Tea Table Talk," "Tommy and Co.," "Idle Ideas in 1905," "Susan in Search of a Husband," "Passing of the Third Floor Back," "The Angel and the Author," etc.