Biography of Jeremiah Whipple Jenks


Jenks, Jeremiah Whipple. Professor of political economy and politics, Cornell, 1891-1912; professor of economics and finance, New York University, from 1912. Born in St. Clair, Michigan, September 2, 1856. Graduated from University of Michigan, 1878, A. M., 1879, LL. D., 1903; Ph. D., University of Halle, 1885. Studied law; admitted to Michigan bar. Taught Greek, Latin, and German, at Mt. Morris College; professor of political science and English literature, Knox College, 1886-89; professor of political economy and social science, Indiana University, 1889-91. Expert agent of United States Industrial Commission on Investigation of Trusts and Industrial Combinations in the United States and Europe, 1899-1901, and consulting expert of United States Department of Labor on same subject. Special commissioner of War Department, United States, to investigate questions of currency, labor, internal taxation, and police in the Orient, 1901-02. Appointed financial adviser to Republic of China, 1912. Author: "Henry C. Carey als Nationalokonom, Jena," "The Trust Problem," "Vol. XVIII: Report of Industrial Commission of Industrial Combinations in Europe," "Report on Certain Economic Questions in the English and Dutch Colonies in the Orient." Editor and part author: (Reports United States Industrial Commission) "Trusts and Industrial Combinations," Vol. I, 1900, Vol. XIII, 1901. Compiler: "Statutes and Digested Decisions of Federal, State, and Territorial Law Relating to Trusts and Industrial Combinations." Part author and compiler of "Reports of Commission on International Exchange." Frequent contributor to periodical literature on economic and political questions. Special expert on currency reform of government of Mexico, 1903; member of United States Commission on International Exchange in special charge of reform of currency in China.