Biography of Henry James


James, Henry. Author. Born in New York, April 15, 1843. Educated in France, Switzerland, and Harvard Law School. Began as contributor to periodicals, 1866. After 1869 lived in England. Brother to Professor William James of Harvard. Author: "Watch and Ward," "A Passionate Pilgrim," "Roderick Hudson," "Transatlantic Sketches," "The American," "French Poets and Novelists," "The Europeans," "Daisy Miller," "An International Episode," "Life of Hawthorne," "A Bundle of Letters," "Confidence," "Diary of a Man of Fifty," "Washington Square," "The Portrait of a Lady," "Siege of London," "Portraits of Places," "Tales of Three Cities," "A Little Tour in France," "Beltraffio," "The Bostonians," "Princess Casamassima," "Partial Portraits," "The Aspern Papers," "The Reverberator," "A London Life," "The Tragic Muse," "Terminations," "What Maisie Knew," "The Sacred Fount," "The Wings of the Dove," "The Better Sort," "Questions of Our Speech," "Finer Grain," and "The Outcry." Received British order of merit, 1916. Died 1916.