Biography of William Randolph Hearst


Hearst, William Randolph. Newspaper publisher. Born in San Francisco in 1863. Son of Senator George F. and Phoebe Apperson Hearst. Educated in public schools, San Francisco, and Harvard. Editor and proprietor of "San Francisco Examiner," 1886; bought "New York Journal," 1895. Later bought "Advertiser," to secure news franchise, and made it "New York Morning American." Started "Chicago American" (1900), "Chicago Morning Examiner" (1902), "Boston American" (1904), "Los Angeles Examiner" (1904). Elected to 58th and 59th congresses, 11th New York district, Democrat. President of National League of Democratic Clubs. Candidate for mayor of New York on Municipal Ownership ticket in 1905, and for governor in 1906. Promoter of the Independence League.