Biography of Victor Herbert


Herbert, Victor. Conductor, composer. Born in Dublin, Ireland, February 1, 1859. Began musical education in Germany at seven, studying under leading masters. First position of prominence that of principal violoncello player in court orchestra, Stuttgart. Heard in concerts throughout Europe before coming to the United States as solo violoncellist in Metropolitan Orchestra, New York, 1886. Since then, was connected with Theodore Thomas' Seidl's, and other orchestral organizations as soloist and conductor. Bandmaster of 22nd Regiment Band, New York, since 1894. Conductor of Pittsburgh, PA, Orchestra, 1898-1904. Victor Herbert's New York Orchestra since 1904. Composer: "The Captive" (oratorio written for and performed at Worcester, MA, Festival); "Prince Ananias," "The Wizard of the Nile," "The Serenade," "Cyrano de Bergerac," "The Ameer," "The Viceroy," "The Idol's Eye," "The Fortune Teller," "The Singing Girl," "Babette," "Babes in Toyland," "It Happened in Nordland" (all comic operas). Also several compositions for orchestra, songs, and a concert for violoncello and orchestra.