Biography of Joel Chandler Harris


Harris, Joel Chandler. Author. Born in Eatonton, GA, December 8, 1848. Served apprenticeship to printing trade; an editor of "Atlanta Constitution" for 25 years. Author: "Uncle Remus: His Songs and His Sayings," "Nights with Uncle Remus," "Uncle Remus and His Friends," "Mingo," "Little Mr. Thimble-Finger," "On the Plantation," "Daddy Jake, the Runaway," "Balaam and His Master," "Mr. Rabbit at Home," "The Story of Aaron," "Sister Jane," "Free Joe," "Stories of Georgia," "Aaron in the Wild Woods," "Tales of the Home Folks," "Georgia, from the Invasion of De Soto to Recent Times," "Evening Tales," "Stories of Home Folks," "Chronicles of Aunt Minerva Ann," "On the Wings of Occasion," "The Making of a Statesman," "Gabriel Tolliver," "Wally Wanderoon," "A Little Union Scout," "The Tar Baby Story and Other Rhymes of Uncle Remus," etc. Died 1908.