Biography of Isaac Hull


Hull, Isaac. An American naval officer. Born in Derby, CT, March 9, 1773. In July, 1812, he commanded the frigate "Constitution," which was chased by a British squadron for three days, but escaped by skillful sailing. While cruising in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, he met the British frigate "Guerriere," which, after a bloody fight of half an hour, surrendered, August 19, 1812. The "Guerriere" was so injured in the battle that she soon sank. The British ship lost nearly 100 men; the "Constitution" had fourteen men killed and wounded, and within an hour or so was ready for another fight. This was the first naval battle of the War of 1812, and Congress gave Captain Hull a gold medal for his services. Isaac Hull died in Philadelphia, PA, February 13, 1843.