Biography of Heinrich Heine


Heine, Jeinrich. German poet. Born in 1799 in Dusseldorf of Jewish parents. Sent to Hamburg to prepare for a commercial life, but preferred studying law. At Bonn Heine was pupil of Schlegel, and at Berlin made the acquaintance of Varnhagen von Ense. In 1825, he renounced Judaism and, after 1830, lived in Paris, where he married Mathilde Mirat. Heine traveled much, but about 1847 had an attack of paralysis, and soon after became blind. His chief works are "Buch der Lieder," followed by other poems; "Reisebilder," "Der Salon," "Ueber Borne," a satire; "Deutschland ein Wintermarchen," and "Atta Troll." Heine died in 1856.