Biography of Hannibal


Hannibal. Born in 247 B.C. Carthaginian general, son of Hamilcar Barca, who devoted him from an early age to war with the Romans. After attacking the allies of the latter in Spain, he marched into Italy, over the Pyrenees and Alps, and, arriving in 218, won the battles of the Ticinus and the Trebia, and next year defeated Flaminius on Lake Thrasymenus. After his great victory at Cannae in 216, Hannibal wintered at Capua, but was unable to take Rome. In 203 he returned to Africa, and was defeated at Zama in the following year by Scipio Africanus. Hannibal became chief magistrate at Carthage, but was always hostile to Rome. Finally, when his surrender was demanded by the Romans, Hannibal fled to Bithynia, and committed suicide in 183 B.C.