Biography of Edward Everett Hale


Hale, Edward Everett. Author, chaplain United States Senate. Born Boston, April 3, 1822. Studied in Boston Latin School. Graduate of Harvard, 1839, S.T.D., 1879 (LL.D.), Dartmouth, 1901; Williams, 1904). Studied theology. Licensed to preach; minister Church of the Unity, Worcester, MA, 1846-56. Prominent promoter of "Chautauqua" circles and "Lend-a-Hand" clubs. Editor "Lend-a-Hand Record." Author (stories): "The Man Without a Country," "Ten Times One is Ten," "Margaret Percival in America," "In His Name," "Mr. Tangier's Vacations," "Mrs. Merriam's Scholars," "His Level Best," "The Ingham Papers," "Ups and Downs," "Philip Nolan's Friends," "Fortunes of Rachel," "Four and Five," "Crusoe in New York," "Christmas Eve and Christmas Day," "Christmas in Narragansett," "Our Christmas in a Palace." Other works: "What Career?" "Boy's Heroes," "The Story of Massachusetts," "Sybaris and Other Homes," "For Fifty Years" (poems), "A New England Boyhood," "Chautauquan History of the United States," "If Jesus Came to Boston," "Memories of a Hundred Years," "Ralph Waldo Emerson," "We, the People" "New England Ballads," "Prayers in the United States Senate." Edward Everett Hale died in 1909.