Biography of Robley Dunglison Evans


Evans, Robley Dunglison. Officer of United States Navy. Born in Floyd County, Virginia, August 18, 1846. Educated in public schools of Washington. Appointed to the United States Navy for Utah, September 20, 1860. Graduate of United States Naval Academy, 1863; rear admiral, February 11, 1901. During the Civil War, he participated in both attacks on Fort Fisher on January 15, 1865, and in land attack received four severe rifle shot wounds. When in command of the "Yorktown," at Valparaiso, Chile, 1891, during period of strained relations between Chile and United States, his actions in connection with various incidents earned him his popular name of "Fighting Bob." In war with Spain, commander of "Iowa" in Sampson's fleet off Santiago, taking active part in battle with Cervera's fleet, July 3, 1898. Was president of Board of Inspection and Survey; commander-in-chief at Asiatic Station, 1902-04, and in command of the Asiatic expedition, 1908. Author: "A Sailor's Log." Died 1912.