Biography of Mary Baker Glover Eddy


Eddy, Mary Baker Glover. Founder of Christian Science. Born in Bow, New Hampshire, 1821. Mary Baker Eddy received her education in public schools, in an academy, and under private tutors. She was connected with the Congregational Church until 1866, when she developed the principles of Christian Science. In 1867 she began to teach them, and in 1879 founded the Church of Christ (Christian Scientist) in Boston, Massachusetts. In 1881 she was ordained to the ministry; in the same year established the Massachusetts Metaphysical College in Boston; and in 1883 started the "Christian Science Journal." Author of Christian Science textbook "Unity of Good," "No and Yes," "Rudimental Divine Science," "Manual of the Mother Church," and other works on related subjects. Mrs. Eddy left her entire fortune to the Christian Science Church, specifying that $100,000 be used for the benefit of indigent, educated, well-qualified persons who desire to enter the Christian Science work, while the residue of her fortune is to be used by the church for furthering the Christian Science movement. Eddy died in 1910.