Biography of Francois Eugene


Eugene, Francois. Prince of Savoy. Born in 1663, son of Eugene Maurice, Count of Soissons. Joined the Austrian service. Distinguished himself against the Turks in 1683, and was present at the siege of Belgrade in 1688. After serving against the French and defeating Catinat in Italy, he overthrew the Turks at Zenta. Again opposed to the French in the Way of Succession, Eugene captured Villeroi at Cremons, and joined Marlborough in 1704, taking part in the battle of Blenheim. He then went to Italy, and was defeated at Cassano in 1705, but soon afterwards gained a victory, and relieved Turin. In 1708, Eugene joined Marlborough in Flanders, and was present at Oudenarde and Malplaquet. He again distinguished himself against the Turks at the battles of Peterwaradin and Belgrade. Died 1736.