Biography of Edward VII


King of Great Britain and Ireland, Emperor of India. Born November 9, 1841. He studied at Edinburgh, and afterwards attended the public lectures at Oxford and Cambridge. In the summer of 1860, he paid a visit to the United States and Canada. Two years later he traveled in the East, and visited Jerusalem. On March 19, 1863, he married Princess Alexandra of Denmark, the surviving issue being one son and three daughters. Late in 1871 he suffered from a dangerous attack of typhoid fever, and his recovery in February, 1872, was celebrated by a national thanksgiving festival. Between November, 1875, and March, 1876, the prince was engaged in a grand tour of India. He took great interest in exhibitions and institutions, as the Colonial and Indian Exhibitions, the Royal College of Music, and Imperial Institute. Ascended the throne, January 22, 1901. Died 1910.