Biography of William Bourke Cockran


Cockran, William Bourke. Lawyer, orator. Born in Ireland, February 28, 1854. Educated in Ireland and France. Came to the United States in 1871. Taught in private academy, later principal of a public school in Westchester County, NY. Then became a lawyer, soon becoming prominent in New York City politics. Made noteworthy speeches at Democratic National Conventions, 1884 and 1892, opposing the nomination of Cleveland. Member of Congress, 1887-89, and 1891-95, as Democrat. In 1896 became advocate of the gold standard, and campaigned for McKinley. On issue of anti-imperialism, returned to Democratic Party, 1900, and campaigned for Bryan. Was again elected to Congress, February 23, 1904, at a special election to fill a vacancy caused by the resignation of George B. McClellan. Re-elected 1904, 1906, 1920. Died 1923.