Biography of Robert William Chambers


Chambers, Robert William. Author, artist. Born in Brooklyn, May 26, 1865. Educated at Julien's Academy, Paris, 1886-93. First exhibited in salon, 1889; illustrations for "Life," "Truth," "Vogue," etc. Author: "In the Quarter," "The King in Yellow," "The Red Republic," "A King and a Few Dukes," "The Maker of Moons," "With the Band," "The Mystery of Choice," "Lorraine," "Ashes of Empire," "The Haunts of Men," "The Cambric Mask," "Outsiders," "The Conspirators," "Cardigan," "The Maid-at-Arms," "Outdoor Land," "The Maids of Paradise," "Orchard-Land," "Forest-Land," "Iole," "The Fighting Chance," "The Tracer of Lost Persons," "The Firing Line." Also: "The Witch of Ellangowan," a drama, and many magazine stories.