Biography of Lucius Sergius Catiline


Catiline (kat'-e-line), Lucius Sergius. An ancient Roman. Catiline was descended from a patrician family, renowned for talent but degraded by crime. He gained the favor of Sulla, who advanced him to offices of greater importance. He was a reckless sensualist. Having won for his paramour a member of a distinguished family, he married the daughter he had by her. He was charged with intriguing with a vestal, the sister of Cicero's wife. After Sulla's death, Catiline formed a conspiracy to murder the consuls and senators, and to assume the government. His designs were discovered and exposed in an oration by Cicero, which gave the speaker lasting fame. He attempted to execute his plan, but a great battle ensuing, and victory inclining to the other side, he threw himself into the midst of the enemy and was slain in 62 B.C.