Biography of John Chrysostom


Chrysostom, St. John. One of the Greek fathers of the Christian faith. Born about 347. Gave himself, from an early age, to a life of prayer and asceticism and, in 398, was made bishop of Constantinople by the Emperor Arcadius. Chrysostom was renowned for his eloquence and almsgiving, and his zeal as a reformer made him many enemies, among them the Empress Eudozia. Chrysostom was summoned before a synod at Chalcedon, deposed, and banished, but an insurrection of the people led to his immediate recall. He was soon afterwards deposed again, and conveyed to the Taurus Mountains, whence Chrysostom was ordered to proceed to Pityus, on the Euxine, but died on the journey at Comana in 407.