Biography of James Middleton Cox


Cox, James Middleton. Congressman and governor. Born at Jacksonburg, Ohio, 1870. Grew up on a farm and received a public school and high school education. In early life he taught country school and worked in a printing office. Later he became a newspaper reporter and rose to the position of editor on the staff of the "Cincinnati Enquirer." In 1898 he bought the "Dayton Daily News," and in 1903 he purchased the "Springfield Press-Republican," forming the News League of Ohio, and making a record as a successful newspaper man. He was elected member of Congress, 1909-13, and governor of Ohio for the terms 1913-15, 1917-19, and 1919-21. At the Democratic National Convention, held at San Francisco in July 1920, he was nominated for president of the United States, but was defeated at the ensuing election.