Biography of Glenn H. Curtiss


Curtiss, Glenn H. Aeronaut, sportsman, manufacturer. Was born at Hammondsport, NY, 1878. In 1906, at Ormond Beach, Curtiss covered a mile on a motorcycle of his own construction in 26.40 seconds. Director of experiments of Aerial Experiment Association, 1970; winner of international contest at Rheims, 1909, covering the course of 12.42 miles in 15 minutes, 50.60 seconds, in a biplane of his own design. Flew over Hudson River, Albany to New York, 1910. Invented and demonstrated hydro-aeroplane, 1911, and flying boat, 1912. In 1914 built the "America," designed for transatlantic flight; also made successful flight with Langley aerodrome. In 1915 removed plant from Hammondsport to Buffalo, and organized syndicate to operate a large aeroplane and motor concern.