Biography of Charles II


Charles II. King of England, son of Charles I. Born in St. James Palace, London, in 1630. Was at The Hague in Holland when his father was beheaded. He assumed the royal title, and was proclaimed king by the Scots. Landed in Scotland and was crowned at Scone. Marching into England, he was defeated by Cromwell at Worcester, September 3, 1651, and fled to France. By the policy of General Monk, after Cromwell's death, he was restored to his crown and kingdom in 1660, an event known as the Restoration. Charles II was an easy-going man, and is known in history as the "Merry Monarch." His reign was an inglorious one for England, though it is distinguished by the passing of the Habeas Corpus Act, one of the great bulwarks of English liberty next to the Magna Charta. Died 1685.