Biography of Baron Curzon of Kedleston


Curzon of Kedleston, Baron. English statesman. Born 1859. Viceroy of India, 1899-1905. His term of office was extended. In June, 1905, difficulties over the new military scheme in India led to his resigning. The resignation was withdrawn at request of home authorities, but in August controversy again reached an acute state, and Lord Curzon finally relinquished office. Curzon remained in India to receive the prince and princess of Wales. The "Times" spoke of his work as "among the most brilliant and strenuous accomplished for the empire in our times," and of his having infused into Indian civil administration a new spirit born of his own indomitable belief in reform and his own unshaken determination to carry it into practice. His wife died in 1906. Curzon was elected chancellor of Oxford University, March 1907. President war cabinet under Lloyd-George, 1916.