Biography of Adna Romanza Chaffee


Chaffee, Adna Romanza. American soldier. Born at Crowell, Ohio, in 1842. Entered the United States Army as a private in 1861. For gallant service during the Civil War, he was brevetted captain. In 1898 Chaffee served in Cuba during the Spanish-American War as brigadier-general of volunteers, distinguishing himself at El Caney. At the time of the Boxer Rebellion in 1900, he commanded the United States forces sent to the relief of the American legation at Peking, China. Appointed major-general in the regular army in 1901, Chaffee was assigned to command in the Philippines, and made military governor. In 1904 he was promoted to lieutenant-general and chief of staff, succeeding General S. M. B. Young. Chaffee retired from active service in 1906. Died 1914.