Biography of Sir Henry Rowley Bishop


Bishop, Sir Henry Rowley. Born in 1786. English composer. Early devoted himself to the composition of dramatic music and, in 1809, produced his "Circassian Bride," which was a great success. In 1810 he became connected with Covent Garden Theater, and produced many operas during this time, including "The Lady of the Lake," "Guy Mannering," and "The Slave." In 1825, Bishop broke his connection with Covent Garden to go to Drury Lane, and he was succeeded at the former theater by Weber. It was in rivalry with Weber's "Oberon" that Bishop produced the unsuccessful "Aladdin." In 1840, his last dramatic piece, "The Fortunate Isles," was produced at Covent Garden in honor of the queen's wedding. In 1842, he was knighted, and in 1848 he became professor of music at Oxford. Died 1855.