Biography of Simon Bolivar


Bolivar, Simon. The founder and first president of the Republic of Colombia, known as "The Liberator of South America." Born in Venezuela, 1783. He was educated in Madrid, and traveled in Europe and the United States. When the revolt against the Spanish yoke broke out in Venezuela he joined it, but had to flee. In 1813 he returned and, gathering a force together, defeated General Monteverde at Caracas. The tide then turned, and Bolivar fled to Jamaica; but he shortly returned. After varying fortune in 1819, he won the battle of Venezuela in the same year, to which was afterward united New Granada. In 1822 Bolivar went to help the Peruvians in their struggle for liberty, and was given the chief command. After a long campaign, he won the great battle of Ayacucho. Upper Peru was constituted a separate republic, with the title of Bolivia. As president of Colombia, he had to endure much factious hostility; but though he tendered his resignation more than once, it was never accepted, the supreme power being confirmed in him in 1828. Died 1830.