Biography of Rev. Stopford A. Brooke, M.A.


Brooke, Rev. Stopford A., M.A. Born in 1832. Educated at Trinity College, Dublin, where he graduated 1856, winning the Downe prize and Vice-Chancellor's medal for English verse. He was formerly chaplain to Queen Victoria and to the princess royal of Germany. From 1876 to 1894, Brooke was minister of Bedford Chapel, Bloomsbury; because he could not accept the orthodox views on miracles, he seceded from the Church of England, 1880. In 1895, however, after a lengthy illness, he found himself compelled to retire from his post. He is the author of several works, among which are "Life and Letters of the late F. W. Robertson," a "Primer of English Literature," "The Early Life of Jesus," several volumes of sermons, a volume of poems, "History of English Poetry," a work on "Early English Literature," "The Old Testament and Modern Life," and a book on Browning. Died 1916.