Biography of Luther Burbank


Burbank, Luther. Naturalist, originator of new fruits and flowers. Born in Lancaster, MA, March 7, 1849. Boyhood on farm, educated at Lancaster Academy. Always devoted to study of nature, especially plant life. Moved to Santa Rosa, CA, 1875. Conducted Burbank's Experiment Farms. Originator of the Burbank potato; gold, Wickson, apple, October purple, chalco, America, and climax plums; giant, splendor, sugar, and stoneless prunes; a new fruit, the plumcot; peachblow, Burbank, and Santa Rosa roses; gigantic forms of amaryllis, tigridia, the Shasta daisy, giant and fragrance callas; and various new apples, peaches, nuts, berries, and other valuable trees, fruits, flowers, grasses, grains, and vegetables.