Biography of Liberty Hyde Bailey


Bailey, Liberty Hyde. Director of College of Agriculture at Cornell 1903-13. Born in South Haven, MI, March 15, 1858. Graduated at Michigan Agricultural College 1882, M. S. 1886; assistant to Asa Gray, Harvard, 1882-83; professor of horticulture and landscape gardening at Michigan Agricultural College 1883-88; professor of horticulture, Cornell, 1888-1903. Author: "Survival of the Unlike," "Evolution of Our Native Fruits," "Lessons with Plants," "Botany, an Elementary Text for Schools," "Principles of Fruit Growing," "Principles of Vegetable Gardening," "Plant Breeding," "Garden Making," "Horticulturist's Rule Book," "Principles of Agriculture," "Nursery Book," "Forcing Book," "Pruning Book," "Practical Garden Book," "The Nature-Study Idea," "Outlook to Nature." Editor: "Cyclopedia of American Horticulture" (four volumes), "Rural Science Series," Garden Craft Series," "Cyclopedia of Agriculture." Contributor to technical journals and popular magazines.