Biography of John William Burgess


Burgess, John William. Educator and author. Was born in Cornersville, TN, August 6, 1844. Attended Cumberland University, Lebanon, TN. Graduate of Amherst, 1867. Admitted to bar, Springfield, MA, 1869. Professor of English literature and political economy, Knox College, 1869-71; studied history, public law, and political science, Gottingen, Leipzig, Berlin, 1871-73; professor history and political science, Amherst, 1873-76; professor political science and constitutional law since 1876, dean on faculty of political science, 1890-1912, Columbia University. Author: "Political Science and Comparative Constitutional Law" two volumes), "The Middle Period," "The Civil War and the Constitution" (two volumes), "Reconstruction and the Constitution." Contributor to reviews on historical, political, and legal topics.