Biography of John Burroughs


Burroughs, John. Essayist. Born in Roxbury, NY, April 3, 1837. Academic education; taught school about eight years. Treasury clerk, 1864-73; national bank examiner, 1873-84. After 1874 lived on a farm, devoting his time to literature and fruit culture. Author: "Wake-Robin," "Signs and Seasons," "Pepacton," "Riverby," "Birds and Poets," "Winter Sunshine," "Locusts and Wild Honey," "Fresh Fields," "Indoor Studies," "Whitman, a Study," "The Light of Day," "Squirrels and Other Fur Bearers," "Literary Values," "Far and Near," "Camping and Tramping with Roosevelt," "The Breath of Life," "Under the Apple Trees," "The Summit of the Years," "Accepting the Universe." Died 1921.