Biography of James Bryce


Bryce, James. Viscount. Born in 1838. Educated at Glasgow University and Trinity College, Oxford (Craven and Vinerian Scholar). Fellow of Oriel, 1862; Honorary Fellow of Trinity College; D. C. L., LL. D., F .R .S; D. L., City of Aberdeen. Member of Institute of France and of the Royal Academies of Turin, Stockholm, Naples, and Brussels, and of the Royal Academia of the Lincei at Rome. P. C.; called to the bar, Lincolns Inn, 1867. Regius professor of civil law at Oxford University, 1870-93. M. P. for Tower Hamlets, 1880-85, and for South Aberdeen, 1885-1907. Under-secretary for foreign affairs for five months in 1886. Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, 1892-94, and March to May, 1894. President of the Board of Trade, 1894-95; chief secretary for Ireland, 1905-07. He was appointed ambassador to the United States, 1906, and resigned, 1912. He took a deep interest in the condition of the Eastern Christians and their emancipation from Turkish misrule. He strongly opposed the war in South Africa and the Education Act of 1902. Author of "The Holy Roman Empire," "Transcaucasia and Ararat," "The American Commonwealth," "Impressions of South Africa," "Studies in History and Jurisprudence," "Modern Democracies." Died 1922.