Biography of James Bernouilli


Bernouilli (ber'-nool-ye), James. A celebrated mathematician. Born in Basel in 1654. He died in 1705. John Bernouilli, brother to James, and not less celebrated as mathematician, was born in Basel in 1667. He died in 1748. Nicholas Bernouilli was born at Basel in 1687. He became a professor of mathematics at Padua. He died in 1759. Daniel Bernouilli, son of John, was born in Groningen in 1700. He studied mathematics, and became a professor of anatomy and botany. He died in 1782. John Bernouilli, brother of the last-named, born in Basel in 1710, was a professor of eloquence and mathematics. He died in 1790. James Bernouilli, his son, was born in Basel in 1759. Though a lawyer by profession, he studied mathematics with success. He died in 1789.