Biography of George Berkeley


Berkeley, George. An English divine, famous for the keenness of his intellect and the greatness of his nature. He was born in Ireland in 1685, and educated at Trinity College, Dublin. In 1709 he published his "Theory of Vision," and in 1710 his "Principles of Human Knowledge." In England, he met the great literary men of the day, and in 1724 was made Dean of Derry. In 1725 he published "A Scheme for Converting the Savage Americans to Christianity." This scheme involved the erection of a college at the Bermudas; the government granted a charter, and promised a grant in aid. Berkeley set out for the Bermudas, but the money not being forthcoming, the scheme had to be abandoned. In 1734, he was made Bishop of Cloye, and in 1752 retired to Oxford. His last publication was a treatise on "The Virtues of Tar Water." Died 1753.