Biography of Elizabeth Blackwell, M. D.


Blackwell, Elizabeth. M. D. Born in Bristol, England, February 3, 1821. Emigrated to the United States in 1832. Educated in private schools in Bristol and New York; taught school in Kentucky and the Carolinas. Sought admission to several medical colleges, but was refused until she entered the medical school at Geneva, NY, in 1847. First woman in United States to receive the degree of M. D. Established practice in New York in 1851. Founded a hospital and, in 1867, in conjunction with her sister, Dr. Emily Blackwell, organized Woman's Medical College of New York Infirmary. Lectured in England 1858-59. Registered as a physician in England, 1859, and after 1869 practiced in London and Hastings. Author: "Physical Education of Girls," "Religion of Health," "Counsel to Parents on Moral Education," "Pioneer Work in Opening the Medical Profession to Women," "The Human Element in Sex," "Decay of Municipal Representative Institutions." Died 1910.