Biography of Edwin Howland Blashfield


Blashfield, Edwin Howland. Artist. Born in New York December 15, 1848. Educated at Boston Latin School. Studied at Paris, 1867, under Leon Bonnat, also receiving advice from Gerome and Chapu. Exhibited at Paris Salon yearly (1874-79, 1881, 1891, 1892); also several years at Royal Academy, London. Returned to United States in 1881; exhibited genre pictures, portraits, and decorations. Among his paintings are "Christmas Bells" and "Angel with the Flaming Sword." Decorated Collis P. Huntington's drawing room and great central dome, Library of Congress. Lectured on art at Columbia, Harvard, and Yale. Author, "Italian Cities" (with Mrs. Blashfield); co-editor, "Vassari's Lives of the Painters" (with Mrs. Blashfield and A. A. Hopkins):