Biography of Edward Emerson Barnard


Barnard, Edward Emerson. Professor of astronomy, University of Chicago; astronomer, Yerkes Observatory, 1895-1923. Born in Nashville, TN, 1857. Graduate of Vanderbilt University 1887. Astronomer Lick Observatory, CA, 1887-95. His principal discoveries are the firth satellite of Jupiter, 1892, and sixteen comets; also made many other discoveries and did much work in celestial photography, making photographs of the Milky Way, the comets, nebulae, etc. Received Lalande gold medal French Academy of Sciences, 1892; Arago gold medal, same, 1893; gold medal Royal Astronomical Society of Great Britain, 1897; Janssen gold medal, French Academy of Sciences, 1900; elected foreign associate Royal Astronomers Society, 1898; member many American and foreign societies; contributor to astronomical journals. Died 1923.