Biography of David Prescott Barrows


Barrows, David Prescott. Educator. Born in Chicago, 1873. Graduated from Pomona College, 1894. Studied at the University of California, A. M., 1895; Columbia University, 1896; and at the University of Chicago, Ph. D., in anthropology, 1897. Going to the Philippines, he became superintendent of schools, Manila, 1900, and director of education for the islands, 1903-9. He was made professor of education, 1910, and professor of political science, 1911, at the University of California of which, in 1919, he was chosen president. During 1917-19 he was in active military service in the Philippines and in Siberia as major and lieutenant-colonel of the cavalry. Author: "A History of the Philippines," "The Ethno-Botany of the Coahuila Indians," "A Decade of American Government in the Philippines"; also, reports of ethnology and education of the Philippines.