Biography of Bjornstjerne Bjornson


Bjornson (byern'son), Bjornstjerne. Born in 1832. The national poet of Norway. In early life an historical drama of his called "Valborg" was accepted by the Royal Theater, but its author withdrew the piece. In 1856 the International Students' Reunion at Upsala stimulated him again to an effort to produce a national poetry, free from foreign influences. He began with "Synnove Solbakken," a story of peasant life, which was followed by "Arne" and many other pieces. In 1858 he became director of the theater at Bergen, and produced quickly two dramas, "Mellem Slagene" and "Halte Hulda," both treating of national subjects. "Marie Stuart" and "Sigurd Slembe" are both well-known plays, and he wrote, besides his dramas, a series of folk plays, an epic, and much beautiful lyric poetry. He received a government pension, but lived abroad. Died 1910.