Biography of Susan Brownell Anthony


Anthony, Susan Brownell, reformer, born in Adams, MA, February 15, 1820. Educated in school maintained by father for his own and neighboring children, Battenville, NY, and 1837-38 at Friends' Boarding School, West Philadelphia. Taught school from age of 15 to 30. Aided, 1852, in organizing the first state woman's temperance society. Active in anti-slavery and woman's rights work. Organizer and secretary of Women's National Loyal League during Civil War. After war, was entirely devoted to the woman suffrage movement. Founded, 1868, "The Revolution," exclusively woman's rights paper; managed it several years. In 1869 organized, with Mrs. Stanton, National Woman Suffrage Association. Joint author with Mrs. Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Mrs. Matilda Joslyn Gage of The History of Woman Suffrage" (three volumes), and of Volume IV with Mrs. Ida Husted Harper. Contributed to leading magazines, and lectured in England and throughout the United States. Died, 1906.