Biography of Sir Edmund Allenby


Allenby, Sir Edmund, English general, born in 1861. He was educated at Haileybury. Entering the Inniskilling dragoons, he served in the Bechuanaland Expedition, 1884-85, in the Zulu War, 1888, in the South African War, 1899-1902, and on the outbreak of the European War was placed in command of cavalry. In 1917 he was made commander of the Egyptian expeditionary force. Under his direction, British armies invaded Palestine and captured Jerusalem from the Turks, December 10, 1917. At the decisive battle of Samaria, September 18-22, 1918, Allenby, by skillful use of his cavalry, utterly crushed a Turkish army of 100,000 under command of the German field marshal Liman von Sanders, capturing more than 75,000 prisoners and 350 guns. This notable victory virtually destroyed the military power of Turkey and hastened the collapse of the Teutonic nations and their allies in the world war.