Biography of Roald Amundsen


Amundsen, Roald, explorer, discovered of the South Pole, born in Borge, Norway, 1872. Studied at Christiania; student of medicine two years. Qualified at public school for sailors, Christiania, as first officer. At the age of 26 he became mate with the Belgica Antarctic Expedition. In June, 1903, he sailed in the Gjoa, and after two years located the magnetic North Pole and the Northwest Passage. In June, 1910, in Nansen's famous ship the Fram, he led the Norwegian Antarctic Expedition, which resulted in the discovery of the South Pole, December 14, 1911. On August 20, 1912, he presented to the King of Norway the flag which he had carried to the South Pole. Made a member of the French Legion of Honor in 1912. Received gold medal from the National Geographic Society in 1913. Has lectured extensively in Europe, America, and Australia. Author: "The Northwest Passage," "The South Pole."