Biography of Lyman Abbott


Abbot, Lyman, clergyman, author, editor "The Outlook." Born in Roxbury, MA, December 18, 1835. Graduated University of New York, 1853. Practiced law. Ordained Congregational minister, 1860; pastor Terre Haute, IN, 1860-65; New England Church, New York, 1865-69. Resigned pastorate, 1869, to devote himself to literature. Edited "Literary Record" of "Harper's Magazine." Associate editor "The Christian Union," with Henry Ward Beecher, whom he succeeded as pastor of Plymouth Church, Brooklyn, May, 1888; resigned November, 1898. Author: "Jesus of Nazareth," "Old Testament Shadows of New Testament Truth," "A Layman's Story," "How to Study the Bible," "Illustrated Commentary on the New Testament," "Dictionary of Religious Knowledge" (with T. J. Conant), "A Study in Human Nature," "In Aid of Faith," "Life of Christ," "Evolution of Christianity," "The Theology of an Evolutionist," "Christianity and Social Problems," "Life and Letters of St. Paul," "The Life that Really Is," "Problems of Life," "Life and Literature of the Ancient Hebrews," "The Rights of Man," "Henry Ward Beecher," "The Other Room," "The Great Companion," "Christian Ministry: Personality of God," and "Industrial Problems." Died, 1922.