Biography of Anne, Queen of England


Anne, Queen of England, was the second daughter of King James II by his first wife, Anne Hyde, and was born in 1665. In 1683 she married Prince George, brother to the King of Denmark, by whom she had a number of children, all of whom died young. Anne ascended the throne on the 8th of March, 1702. She established a fund, known as "Queen Anne's bounty," for the augmentation of the livings of the poor clergy. during her reign (which was made illustrious by the military triumphs of the Duke of Marlborough), Sir George Rooke and Sir Cloudesley Shovel conquered the fortress of Gibraltar, a possession which Spain has never been able to regain; and the legislative union of Scotland with England was effected. the glorious galaxy of writers, in almost every branch of learning who flourished in her time, has caused it to be considered the Augustan age of British literature. Died, 1714.