Biography of Alexander Agassiz


Agassiz, Alexander, naturalist, born in Neuchatel, Switzerland, December 17, 1835. Graduated at Harvard, 1855; Lawrence Scientific School, B.S., 1857. On coast survey of California, 1859. Assistant in zoology, Harvard, 19860-65. Developed and was superintendent, 1865-69, Calumet & Hecla copper mines, Lake Superior. Curator Museum Comparative Zoology, Cambridge, 1874-85. Afterward engaged in zoological investigation. Appointed director Museum Comparative Zoology, Cambridge, 1902; appointed by Emperor William III of Germany member Order of Merit, 1902. Member of Academy of Sciences, Paris. President of National Academy of Science. Author: "Explorations of Lake Titicaca," "List of the Echinoderms," "Three Cruises of the Blake," "Revision of Echini," "Pacific Coral Reefs," "Coral Reefs of the Maldives," "Panamic Deep Sea Echini," etc. Died, 1910.