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24 Hour World Clock

This clock shows times for each time zone around the world. It does not take into account daylight savings time.

Local Time

Marshall Islands (GMT -12)
Samoa (GMT -11)
Hawaii (GMT -10)

Alaska (GMT -9)
US Pacific Time (GMT -8)
US Mountain Time (GMT -7)

US Central Time (GMT -6)
US Eastern Time (GMT -5)
US Atlantic Time (GMT -4)

Brasilia (GMT -3)
Mid-Atlantic (GMT -2)
Azores (GMT -1)

Greenwich Mean Time - London (GMT)

Rome (GMT +1)
Athens (GMT +2)
Moscow (GMT +3)

Tehran (GMT +4)
Karachi (GMT +5)
Calcutta (GMT +6)

Bangkok (GMT +7)
Hong Kong (GMT +8)
Seoul (GMT +9)

Tokyo (GMT +10)
Sydney (GMT +11)
Wellington (GMT +12)

NOTE: Save this page (File-Save As) on your computer, then bookmark it for instant access to world times. (You do not need to connect to the Internet to use it.)

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